Lantern Fest ’16 Reflection

Twelve thousand people together for the same reasons: to lift our hopes, dreams, goals, regrets and wishes into the air, to be lighter and feel free.


“Live your DREAMS. Travel. Laugh. Love. Never stop writing.” – Kellie A.D.

The Lantern Fest was a magical experience. Strangers shared fires to roast marshmallows and helped each other light their lanterns. Tiki torches were every few feet in order to light lanterns and alternative music played like “Sky Full of Stars” to set the mood.

You wouldn’t think it, but it was a multi-person job to light one lantern and lift it off into the night sky. And if your lantern fell to the ground, no need to worry because someone would pick it up and help it along. There was a wonderful feeling of peace and togetherness as the lanterns floated in the sky.

When it was time to leave, I couldn’t help but feel happy and uplifted after that experience. Numerous couples were now engaged, birthdays were celebrated an I enjoyed the company of my DeSales’ friends.

My friends and I just entered the parking area when two cars had their windows rolled down in order to scream at each other.

Well, that peace and happiness was short lived.

“Why are you yelling?” I shout in their general direction. “We just lifted our dreams into the sky.”

To my amazement, they stopped yelling, but it honestly bewildered me how savage everyone had become over trying to leave the parking lot. We just witnessed such peace. We even shared a powerful moment of silence for Sept. 11 the following day. And somehow, people have the nerve to argue about traffic. I really don’t understand people.


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