From the Editor’s Desk: My Senior Year at DeSales

Originally published in Issue 1, Fifty-first year of The Minstrel (September 8,2016). Click here to view the entire issue.

Welcome to DeSales, class of 2020! You’re next four years will be full of amazing memories, new friends and piles of homework. (Hello stress, I did not miss you over the summer.)

Speaking of summer, I placed a lot of importance on this past one. As a senior, I realized this could be the last summer that I could wake up whenever I wanted, do whatever I wanted and basically be as close to a kid as I could get. Because I, like most seniors, are praying I land a job by next summer that doesn’t involve fast food or retail.

So this past summer, I crossed some things off my bucket list. I read the entire Harry Potter series for the first time. (I can hear you all gasping, “WHAT?”) I tried new things like yoga, and found out I’ll stick to running. I played hide-and-seek with the kids I babysat, and I’m proud to say my basketball skills are still better than a 12 year olds. I turned 21, which is quite the milestone because I look like I’m 17, so now I can look 17 while legally consuming alcohol.

I rounded off my summer by flying to Miami with my best friend. It was my first time flying, and my ears didn’t even pop, so apparently, I’m one of the lucky ones. Besides clear blue oceans and palm trees everywhere, I really enjoyed meeting an array of people from Texas, Missouri and even Switzerland.

We finished our trip in the happiest place on earth, and now I can say I’m also a 21 year old who hugged Daisy Duck and held Minnie Mouse’s hand, and I can’t wait to continue traveling all around the actual world, and not the one in Epcot.

Now, as I write my first editorial for the ’16-17 year, I plan to cherish the memories I make in my last year at DeSales, my home away from home since my first campus visit. I encourage you all to do the same and find the balance of having fun, but also taking your schoolwork seriously. You are first and foremost here to learn, so soak up the information your teachers are giving you.

Additionally, I’m very excited to unveil The Minstrel’s new look for our 51st issue, and a big shout out to our layout editor Alex Lingle for coming up with the new design. The Minstrel prides ourselves in bringing you news and we want to keep improving all aspects of our paper, keeping you both engaged with our content and also our visual design.

In this issue, we see a lot of changes at DeSales. We welcome the largest freshman class DeSales has ever seen, and also 13 new professors on campus. We also begin to say goodbye to Father O in his last year as president. We have new parking regulations, and even the reinstatement of a varsity sports team: tennis. So whether it’s your first year at DeSales or your last, don’t be afraid of the changes in your life, and welcome the journey ahead of you.

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