From The Editor’s Desk: Voting & Midterms

Originally published in Issue 3, Fifty-First Year of The Minstrel (October 6, 2016). Click here to view the entire issue. 

The best part about the first presidential debate was hands-down reading all the funny tweets. One of my favorites was “Fun reminder: a former Secretary of State is debating a game-show host for the presidency tonight.”—Livia Scott @ LiviaLove.

While funny, this tweet also shows how ridiculous it is to have a game-show host debating whether or not he is fit for presidency. Trump should stick to game shows because he acted like a child, continuingly interrupting Senator Clinton and basically throwing a temper tantrum on live television. (“Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!”)

I have seen some people online express their views that they are voting third party or not voting at all. I understand that they do not want to vote for either of these candidates, both who can be argued as unfit for the job. However, let’s face it: our next president is going to be Trump or Clinton. Not voting, or voting third party, isn’t going to change that. And if you haven’t already registered to vote, the last day for Pennsylvania residents is Oct. 11.

To be honest, I could not make it through the last forty-five minutes of the debate. First of all, I was pretty annoyed with watching the candidates, and second of all, I didn’t have the time to keep watching because I had so much schoolwork. This is the point in the semester when midterms mysteriously sneak up and slap you in the face. Maybe if midterms were actually in the middle of the semesters, they wouldn’t do that or hit you as badly. Additionally, this is the time when every teacher introduces that final paper and/or final project (don’t you love when they do the paper-project combination?) that is worth the majority of your grade.

College would be much more enjoyable if we could just learn and soak up the material, but no, we also have to prove we know this stuff. Luckily, by the time this is printed, midterms will be over and we should be past the halfway point of the semester. But no matter what time of the semester it is, there’s always one thing to do after another.

Somehow in between studying, working and family obligations, The Minstrel always manages to get finished. My staff’s passion for journalism and reporting on the news is what keeps The Minstrel running. Well that, and also Dunkin on layout weekends.

All jokes aside, we have some must-read articles on mental health awareness week, the “It’s on Us” campaign and not only the presidential election, but also the next president at DeSales. I’m so glad my staff and I keep coming up with great ideas, making each issue better than the last!

Peace, love & DeSales,

Kellie Dietrich


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