Playing with Fire

Originally published in the Weal (2017), DeSales University’s literary magazine. 

Like fire destroying a house
your eyes burn into mine,
enveloping me into the flames.

It’s only a second or two,
nothing more,
But I can still feel the intensity in your gaze
before you turn and walk away.

You used to pull me close to you,
kiss my neck,
bite my lips,
intertwine our fingers together.

And just like that,
as fast as you pulled me to you
or grabbed my hand,
you shove me away.

There is no more you and I,
no more things that could have been.
There is only you.
And there is me.

Scorched and scarred is how you leave me,
staring at the ashes
of when there was a we,
an us.

So now,
I look at you,
I can’t touch you.
You will burn me.