Running Games

I fly over the asphalt.
My sneakers crunch
the stones.

IMG_2750 2

My friend Skye (right) and I (left) running a 5K this past fall. Photo courtesy of The Great Pumpkin Run

Stress leaves me
and I feel relaxed,
at peace.

But this is only the beginning.

In the middle
my pace slows.
I feel a side sticker forming
as my leg muscles burn.
And scream.

Doubts creep in,
but I push myself forward.
I reach the diamond street sign
indicating that I am almost home.

A new burst of energy fills my body
as I run fast and hard
for the finish.
I am panting,
out of breath.

I lick my lips
salty from sweat.
Another run is done,
but I’ll be back for more

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