Six months adulting after graduation down, the rest of my life to go

They weren’t kidding about the six-month grace period between graduation and starting to pay back student loans. Exactly six months from my graduation date (two days ago), I received an e-mail saying my first payment is due Dec. 10. With this six-month mark, I would like to reflect on the dreaded “adulting” so far.

A lot is the same since my July blog about my job as an obituary writer at the Reading Eagle. At the end of that July blog, I said I was excited to see the next steps I would take in my journalism career and I have taken more steps. I write up the to-do list calendar for the Weekend section, published every Thursday. I also contribute to “My 2¢” columns. These columns are published every day and writers rotate, so I am published about every two weeks and it’s great that I can write on whatever topic I wish to cover.

These “My 2 cents” columns are also why I am not posting on here as much because I’m saving ideas for there. My portfolio page is constantly being updated with my latest Reading Eagle columns though. Topics include my first Eagles game, a ghostly experience, the Lantern Fest, which disappointed compared to last year, shows to watch on Netflix and more.

At the end of August, I also began freelancing for Lehigh Valley Style magazine. I interned there last fall and they did not find a fall intern this year, so they asked me if I would like to act as the intern, but get paid instead of college credit.

Um yes!

At Lehigh Valley Style, we work so far ahead that when I started in August I was working on the December issue so I can’t wait to see my writing in print next month. (This will also be posted on my portfolio page.)

I thought life would be easier after graduation. I do have more free time (helloNetflix and books and running), but jobs, relationships and other stress replaces college stress.

I remember being so stressed about finding a job after graduation. I wasn’t hearing back from a lot of the positions I interviewed for or heard the inevitable “need more experience” line of rejection. I couldn’t imagine where I was going to find a job, but I did find one that I am grateful I like a lot.

Before college I was stressed about where I was going to go to college and what I would major in. But I figured that out and I’ll figure out the other unknowns in my life as well.

I see my friends less now that we are all working. I’m also still sort of on the job hunt. The main goal is a full-time job in journalism. Right now, I would love to stay at the Reading Eagle, but there isn’t anything currently open. So I wonder if I’ll stay or end up somewhere else. I don’t mind being part-time for now; I’m only a few months in. I’m looking for other part-time jobs in my field that will allow me to stay at the Reading Eagle and to finally quit Marshalls. I was hoping to escape retail before the holiday season but no such luck.

Life doesn’t just fall into place after graduation like I daydreamed it would. There are constantly unknowns in life such as where I’m going and what the future holds. Eventually the hurtle is overcome and the next one comes into the line of view. Sometimes I fly over them and sometimes I stumble, but I always keep going.

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